Hi! Thanks for visiting my site. I proudly serve Johnston and Wake counties. I am a local owner operated business located in McGees Crossroads, Johnston County, NC. I have lived here my whole life and am happy to provide fast affordable and honest work to each one of my customers personally the way I would like to be treated. My services include locating and digging up and pumping septic tanks, unclogging main drain lines and water jetting drain field lines, replacing distribution boxes, tank lids, sewage lift pumps, installing septic tank filter tees and also keep root killer if needed. Septic tanks should be pumped every 3-5 years depending on family size. Please do not drive over septic tank or drain field area or flush any type of wet wipes, grease or cat litter As these will cause your system to have problems. Call me personally anytime to ask questions or schedule an appointment. (919)917-0683 Thank you, Jeff Smale. 

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